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Eunjeong and Jaenbaeg Lim welcomed a new baby, called Sarang, in May: their third daughter. Pray for them to enjoy and adjust to this new phase of family life.

A Peruvian woman in Ritto prayed with Annette Cummings to receive Jesus: ripe fruit that just about fell from the tree! Pray that Annette will be able to study the Bible with her in future.

Pray for gospel sharing opportunities for all our missionaries. Pray too for our Japanese friends and neighbours to move closer to Jesus.

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Japanese Summer Life

August in Japan symbolizes many things. For school kids it’s about school holidays, beaches and bbqs, for the working masses a few days off work to return to the family home for Obon [festival of the dead].

Then there are the firework festivals lighting up the summer nights, and it wouldn’t be August without watermelon to cool down.

For many of the missionaries here, the second half of August is a chance for a break, as church ministries take a few slower weeks. Of course, to get to the holidays one had to survive the fun and sun of the WEC summer camps [pic].


Where Are They Now?

Where are they Now?

Two former WEC Japan workers from Australia, and one from New Zealand, update us on life after Japan.



Called from Australia, to be Changed!

Here we can hear from a past missionary to Japan why the Lord called him there.



A Dream into a Reality - Kusatsu Church

Kusatsu Church stands like any other house on the side of a busy street in Japan, with many people passing by every day. The Gaub family has been serving there for almost 20 years and, together with other missionaries and Japanese workers have seen the church go through many changes, challenges and buildings.

This year brings another challenge, as from July the building will be demolished and a new church building will be built at the same site.


Endings. Beginnings

March in Japan; it’s a time of many endings and with April comes new beginnings.

The school year finishes, so it’s a time of exams, graduation ceremonies - from the littlest of children through to post graduate students. So as people all over Japan look to the future, we too as WEC Japan find ourselves also looking to the future.