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Smile Camp on July 5th and Karate Camp at end of June were each attended by around 20 adults and 20 children. Please pray that these evangelistic relationships would continue and gospel seeds grow.

The ‘His Story’ team (Cozens, Wilsons, Yims, Tans) have started writing and sharing personal testimony fliers, called ‘My Story’. Readers can then link to more at this website: Please pray this new project engages people with God.

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Hanging Onto God's Promises

This article is about my experiences in going to 'AsiaCon', WEC's regional Asia conference in October 2009, and what God taught me there.

I have been working in Otsu city, a rural area of Japan, population 320,000, 25 minutes by train outside of Kyoto city the old capital of Japan. It is mainly residential, with most of the working population in our area travelling into the bigger cities of Kyoto and Osaka for their work.


New Term, New Place, New Ministry

WEC Japan welcomes back one of our workers, SeongJae Yu from five months furlough and into a new stage of multiteam ministry.

Earlier this year as WEC Japan refocused its vision, multi-team involvement was seen as important. That is, to be a part of multiple ministry teams in different locations. This month’s Seeds of Grace will take a look at the ministries SeongJae is involved in.

SOG: SeongJae, we are aware you are ministering as a part of WEC Japan’s multi-team vision. Can you tell us a little bit about what teams you are involved in?


On a Short-Term Mission

Jenny Lyon from the UK came to Japan in 2009 for a short-term mission. Here she tells us about her time.

~ I went to Japan because I felt God calling me to use my fascination with the country and the language for His kingdom.

~In Japan I was helping with children's clubs and camps, teaching English and generally getting involved with things and getting to know people.

~ My favourite parts of my time in Ja-pan were the summer camps, and living with a Japanese family. They were so much fun and I loved getting to know people.


Formação da Igreja Latina em Nagahama

Há 20 anos atrás(1989) aconteceram mudança nas Leis do Japão no que diz respeito a aceitação de estrangeiros no País, pois nessa época nas Americas(Sul e Norte) haviam muitos trabalhadores, mas não havia trabalho suficiênte para todos, e no Japão havia muito trabalho e poucos trabalhadores, daí deu-se uma mudança, onde o Governo Japonês decidiu aceitar como trabalhadores os decendentes Japoneses residentes em outros países, começando pelo Peru e Bolívia, em seguida o Brasil.


Tribute to Ken Roundhill

Ken was a faithful visionary mission-ary to the Japanese from 1950 –2009. When he joined WEC, Len Moules, the international leader of WEC, commented ‘Ken can see farther down the road than most’.