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Earlier this month, one of the longest serving Japanese pastors in the SFDD, Pastor Nakazawa, passed away. Please pray for his family at this time. Please also pray for Megumi church, where Pastor Nakazawa had been pastoring.

At the end of last month, one of our workers, Seongjae, made the decision to leave WEC Japan and return home. Please pray for her future as she continues to seek God’s direction for her life and follow where He leads.

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Building Blocks Behind a Furlough

At any point, a few of our missionaries are usually absent from Japan because they are ‘taking a furlough’ back in their home country. What does this involve for them? This article explores the benefits through relating what my husband and I have been doing recently, back in the UK! (December, 2010)


World Missions Day 2010

Last month we enjoyed our annual World Missions Day held at our headquarters. This day is all about building up awareness for world missions, a chance to catch up on news of Japanese overseas missionaries and a time to pray for mission work all over the world.


This year we were blessed with a guest speaker from WEC Korea, Mr. Byong Kook, who gave a challenge for the Japanese churches to start sending out more missionaries to other countries.



Why Children?

Why Children?

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Japanese Summer Life

August in Japan symbolizes many things. For school kids it’s about school holidays, beaches and bbqs, for the working masses a few days off work to return to the family home for Obon [festival of the dead].

Then there are the firework festivals lighting up the summer nights, and it wouldn’t be August without watermelon to cool down.

For many of the missionaries here, the second half of August is a chance for a break, as church ministries take a few slower weeks. Of course, to get to the holidays one had to survive the fun and sun of the WEC summer camps [pic].


Where Are They Now?

Where are they Now?

Two former WEC Japan workers from Australia, and one from New Zealand, update us on life after Japan.