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Please pray for the grace and power of the gospel to be preached and received in hearts this Easter, in church services and picnics under the cherry blossoms across the land!

Please pray for the preparation for our field conference, May 4-8. We will discuss a five year plan and new leaders as well as worship God.

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Formação da Igreja Latina em Nagahama

Há 20 anos atrás(1989) aconteceram mudança nas Leis do Japão no que diz respeito a aceitação de estrangeiros no País, pois nessa época nas Americas(Sul e Norte) haviam muitos trabalhadores, mas não havia trabalho suficiênte para todos, e no Japão havia muito trabalho e poucos trabalhadores, daí deu-se uma mudança, onde o Governo Japonês decidiu aceitar como trabalhadores os decendentes Japoneses residentes em outros países, começando pelo Peru e Bolívia, em seguida o Brasil.


Tribute to Ken Roundhill

Ken was a faithful visionary mission-ary to the Japanese from 1950 –2009. When he joined WEC, Len Moules, the international leader of WEC, commented ‘Ken can see farther down the road than most’.


Summer Outreach 2009

Each summer WEC Japan runs a variety of Camps at their Lakeside Camp Site.

This year, camps will start on July 18th and run through to the 16th August.
These camps offer something for all ages, and we hope many not-yet Christians will come along.

The main aim of the camps is outreach and we share a short Christian message each day, as well as ‘Life Stories’ or testimonies from Christians, and open small group discussions.


What is our Vision?

The Japan that WEC entered 59 years ago is very different to today. We can look at the lives changed and churches established in that time, and rejoice. For those of us with experience working here, we know how big those achievements are! The evangelical population is widely quoted as 0.3% or 0.4%, with just 0.2% in church on any Sunday.  For all that Japan has done in influencing and changing the world, the church in Japan has struggled to impact and influence the lives of ordinary Japanese people.


Helping the church to sing

As well as planting new churches, we as WEC Japan see part of our role as providing useful resources for the Japanese church. These days, more and more churches are throwing out the hymnbooks and overheads and bringing in computers and projectors – and the Japanese church is no exception. But displaying Japanese text on a computer has some complexities. Often people – especially us foreigners! – don’t know how to pronounce the Chinese characters used in Japanese writing, so these characters are displayed with the Japanese pronunciation written above them.