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March 11th is the fourth anniversary of the terrible tsunami in Japan. Please pray for those still mourning loved ones, those living in temporary accomodation, as well as those resettled to other parts of Japan and rebuilding their lives.

Please pray for Love Sonata, a big Christian outreach meeting on April 9th. Pray many would come and be blessed, and more would be added to the Church’s number that day and in the days following.

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Called from Australia, to be Changed!

Here we can hear from a past missionary to Japan why the Lord called him there.



A Dream into a Reality - Kusatsu Church

Kusatsu Church stands like any other house on the side of a busy street in Japan, with many people passing by every day. The Gaub family has been serving there for almost 20 years and, together with other missionaries and Japanese workers have seen the church go through many changes, challenges and buildings.

This year brings another challenge, as from July the building will be demolished and a new church building will be built at the same site.


Endings. Beginnings

March in Japan; it’s a time of many endings and with April comes new beginnings.

The school year finishes, so it’s a time of exams, graduation ceremonies - from the littlest of children through to post graduate students. So as people all over Japan look to the future, we too as WEC Japan find ourselves also looking to the future.


New Missionaries with Big Vision

We are excited that God is sending many new missionaries to Japan! Eunjeong and Jaenbaeg Lim arrived in Japan on September 25th 2009, sent to us from Onnuri Church in Seoul Korea.

Jaenbaeg and Eunjeong are living in Hikone, ShigaKen and are working with Megumi Church.

At the moment, most of their day is spent fulfilling the difficult task of learning Japanese, but they have also had many opportunities to share about God with their Japanese teachers, neighbors and people they meet every day.


Hanging Onto God's Promises

This article is about my experiences in going to 'AsiaCon', WEC's regional Asia conference in October 2009, and what God taught me there.

I have been working in Otsu city, a rural area of Japan, population 320,000, 25 minutes by train outside of Kyoto city the old capital of Japan. It is mainly residential, with most of the working population in our area travelling into the bigger cities of Kyoto and Osaka for their work.