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Please pray for the grace and power of the gospel to be preached and received in hearts this Easter, in church services and picnics under the cherry blossoms across the land!

Please pray for the preparation for our field conference, May 4-8. We will discuss a five year plan and new leaders as well as worship God.

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Easter in Japan

This year the North Block Churches of Shiga Ken joined together to put on an Easter Festival. On Easter Sunday afternoon over 100 people from 4 different churches gathered together to celebrate God’s love for us.

What can you do?

By now most of the world will be well aware of the disaster that struck Japan on Friday the 11th March 2011. A 9.0 earthquake followed by a 10m tsunami left a swathe of destruction in its path. Tens of thousands missing or killed, and hundreds of thousands without homes to return to.

And yet, what is our response to this disaster? Whilst millions of people around the world are seeking to send material and financial aid to the people of quake stricken north east Japan, what is our role to play as God’s church?


Japan Earthquake

….. about the 11th March earthquake and tsunami in Japan, our missionaries are not in the region effected, and are landlocked, so are not directly involved. We do appreciate prayer for those who are. These events are tragedies. In the midst of that, following the Kobe quake many Churches had a good testimony of how they helped their communities.  Some of our missionaries also worked with FHI, (Food for the Hungry) in immediate post shock relief work. This is the most likely route we would use to offer any assistance to people as a mission.

Building Blocks Behind a Furlough

At any point, a few of our missionaries are usually absent from Japan because they are ‘taking a furlough’ back in their home country. What does this involve for them? This article explores the benefits through relating what my husband and I have been doing recently, back in the UK! (December, 2010)


World Missions Day 2010

Last month we enjoyed our annual World Missions Day held at our headquarters. This day is all about building up awareness for world missions, a chance to catch up on news of Japanese overseas missionaries and a time to pray for mission work all over the world.


This year we were blessed with a guest speaker from WEC Korea, Mr. Byong Kook, who gave a challenge for the Japanese churches to start sending out more missionaries to other countries.