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Smile Camp on July 5th and Karate Camp at end of June were each attended by around 20 adults and 20 children. Please pray that these evangelistic relationships would continue and gospel seeds grow.

The ‘His Story’ team (Cozens, Wilsons, Yims, Tans) have started writing and sharing personal testimony fliers, called ‘My Story’. Readers can then link to more at this website: Please pray this new project engages people with God.

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Kusatsu Church, Dedication of the New Building

On July 24th. we had the dedication service for our new building. If I had to put the whole building process into four sentences, I would do it like this:
1. The most terrible thing - demolishing the old building

Operation Japan: from Operation World

Answer to Prayer
Uncertainty about the future has prompted spiritual searching. This is partly in response to many economic and social changes that threaten the status quo in Japan. The constant threats of a major earthquake, of economic decline, the widening generation gap and the feeling of social isolation (hikikomori) that so many suffer provoke widespread soul-searching.

Finding Jesus: testimony from a Japanese Christian

Emi Matsumoto is a member of Higashi-Omi church. She also often helps the missionaries (in-cluding the field leader!) with their Japanese. Here she shares how she came to faith in Jesus.

Easter in Japan

This year the North Block Churches of Shiga Ken joined together to put on an Easter Festival. On Easter Sunday afternoon over 100 people from 4 different churches gathered together to celebrate God’s love for us.

What can you do?

By now most of the world will be well aware of the disaster that struck Japan on Friday the 11th March 2011. A 9.0 earthquake followed by a 10m tsunami left a swathe of destruction in its path. Tens of thousands missing or killed, and hundreds of thousands without homes to return to.

And yet, what is our response to this disaster? Whilst millions of people around the world are seeking to send material and financial aid to the people of quake stricken north east Japan, what is our role to play as God’s church?