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Summer is drawing to an end, and with it, our various summer outreach events. Praise the Lord for good attendance and opportunities to share at these events. Please pray for God's working in the lives of all those who were in attendance (especially non-believers).

Please pray for safe travel for the workers who will be returning to Japan after summer trips. Also, for them to be able to smoothly transition back into their routine despite the weather still being rather hot.

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God at Asiacon

I had expected to enjoy my first time at Asiacon, but in fact it surpassed my expectations. The theme was Experiencing the Presence and Power of God. Meeting fellow workers over mealtimes and getting a sense of God working in different countries through their evening presentations, achieved this. It was also a special opportunity to worship together and receive prayer, Bible teaching, wise counsel, and training.


Japan Needs Prayer!

For this article, we interviewed our worker Jaenbaeg about his vision for Japan and the prayer needs here.


- Jaenbaeg, why don’t you start with telling us a bit about your work here.

Jaenbaeg: First my work in Japan is to pray; pray for this nation, pray for local people, and pray for God’s work in this nation. To pray for community, and pray for christian churches. That is my priority of working in Japan.

- Are you church planting?


Why I came to Japan

Why I came to Japan
Priscilla Kok

Until today, I am still not sure why I have come to Japan. I was never interested in Nintendo or manga, nor want to follow the trendy fashion, nor enjoy all the different Miso soup.


Izumi Christian House Opens

On November 3rd we were excited to gather together for the official opening of Izumi Christian House (ICH). The church launched in April 2012, and has since started a worship service on Sunday mornings, as well as many evangelistic outreaches during the week, including Korean class, karate group, dance class, English class, university outreach and Bible study.


The Challenges of Early Life in Japan

By the grace of God, my wife Celia, my son Marco and I came to Japan from Hong Kong for missionary work in March this year [2012]. God must have a plan for our family as he led us step by step into Japanese mission work. In my childhood, I already liked Japanese cartoons and culture. Twelve years ago, I went to Nagoya to study Japanese for one year. I met my wife in the Japanese church in Nagoya at that time. After we returned to Hong Kong, both of us worked in a Japanese firm in Hong Kong. We found that we have a special connection with Japan.