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March 11th is the fourth anniversary of the terrible tsunami in Japan. Please pray for those still mourning loved ones, those living in temporary accomodation, as well as those resettled to other parts of Japan and rebuilding their lives.

Please pray for Love Sonata, a big Christian outreach meeting on April 9th. Pray many would come and be blessed, and more would be added to the Church’s number that day and in the days following.

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Teaching German, in Japan!

By Klara, a short termer with us from September 2013 until June 2014



Japan Revisited

These days, the length of time that long-term missionaries stay in a country is getting shorter. Changes of placement or career are more common than in the past. That is why it’s really special to welcome back past missionaries who served in Japan for 30-plus years. This month Richard Owens explains the purpose of his recent trip to revisit the land he worked in, married in, raised his three children in, and made many friends in. His daughter Edi continues to work with us here.
[Henrietta Cozens]


Japan Revisited, by Richard Owens


The word became... video

“Why bother translating the Bible into sign language?” I asked the man at the conference booth. “Surely Deaf people can read?”


Why Study Theology in Japan?

To  learn the history of the church is to know how God has worked I can't  believe  how  quickly  the  time  has  gone  by.  Sewon  and  I  came  to  reformedtheological seminary last year February to spend sabbatical year. I thought that one yearis not short period. I could study all  things I want to know. However, I  have just twomonths left. I have to start preparing to return to my ministry felid. To write this article isso a good chance to look back my time in this school.


Spring is In the Air; People Returning to Church in Ishiyama

Spring in the air

After a long cold winter who doesn't long for spring to come, warm sunshine, birds singing, the first green leaves to appear. In some way Ishiyama church seems to have awakened after a long winter.

Some years ago during a WEC Asia conference in Thailand, God stirred the participants to commit themselves for 40 days of prayer  for Japan. Amoung the prayer points was one to pray for those who have fallen away from the church to be return.