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Latest Prayer Points

This week we’ve held a churches youth camp. Praise God for these young people, and pray they'd remain firmly in Him.

The Kitamuras intend to advertise Yokota Sakie’s Christian TV interviews on Sept 19th and 26th. In their conservative area where it takes courage to publicly show an interest in Christianity, we pray that people will make the decision to watch in the relative privacy of their homes.

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A New Vision Statement

Why have a field strategy? To essentially be responsible governors of the precious vision God has given us. That vision is:

‘We want to see vibrant, indigenous and reproducing churches flourishing in Japan, transforming its society and mobilising for missions’.

Please pray for this to happen!

The following Strategy and Values were agreed at our last missionary meeting on January 31st 2015.


1. Pioneering: Planting Churches
To plant reproducing churches, that prioritise discipleship, in strategic and under-churched areas.


From Hong Kong to Japan, a Call Into Mission

by Kaki (Kathi) Tsui

It will be strange to some people, but I know this is the place I’m supposed to be. So I'm making my way, but not my own way: Gods way.


Chukousei Camp

by Matt Cummings

A hidden age group. A camp not held for over 10 years. For a taste of the trials and joys of missionary life, hear the story of the Junior/Senior High Camp.


Stats Speak

Hello, Nick Mason here. As one who has always enjoyed math, numbers and statistics really resonate with me. Perhaps you will feel some of the same emotion from this as I did.


Leading our Organisation

We interviewed our new Field Leaders, Chungkyu and Eonmee Lee, to find out what it means to lead WEC Japan.


1. Chungkyu, what’s the job of a Field Leader?  

When I think of the job of a Field Leader, a few things come to my mind.  Firstly, to lead the Field to draw closer to God.  I want to encourage our Field to seek God, to know God more, and to grow in Him, both individually and as a body of Christ.