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Who we are

We are a multicultural team comprised of people from countries such as Australia, Brazil, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and the United States dedicated to reaching the nation of Japan with the Gospel of Christ. In order to be effective witnesses, we as a missionary fellowship are committed to the studying of the Japanese language. New workers on the field are required to complete an initial two-year intense language course usually at a Kyoto-based Japanese language school.  Japanese is a very complex language, and so on completion of the two-year course, workers are encouraged to further pursue their language studies through private tutors until they feel confident in the language.

What we do

WEC Japan, a branch of WEC International, exists to accomplish two primary areas:

  • Reaching People
    WEC Japan primarily reaches out to the Japanese people who have had little opportunity to hear the life-changing good news of Jesus.
  • Planting Churches
    WEC Japan missionaries are committed to planting vibrant churches mainly in the Kansai area and to eventually see them grow under the leadership of Japanese leadership. Wherever possible we seek to do this in co-operation with our partnership with Sekai Fukuin Dendo Kai (SFDK) pastors and/or Japanese believers. Plans are currently underway to begin new church plants in Wakayama, Mie and Osaka areas.